Justin Siragusa

Justin Siragusa

Old Bethpage, NY, US


Designing the Details [GoDat]

This year long research project was a result of my experience in the business of architecture and the study of architecture. My Goal was to use the standards found in both work and school joining them into a single entity. I used my own funds as a budget and my contacts in a non-for-profit organization as a client. This project required an attention to details such as material cost ,strength and durability, in conjunction with a knowledge of assembly not usually required in a studio project and often neglected in a work environment. This project is a mobile food stand that is used by the client to transport produce from the farm to the weekend farmers markets scattered throughout the city.

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Status: Built
Location: New Orleans, LA, US
My Role: Designer/Builder/Funding source
Additional Credits: Professor : Scott Ruff
Adviser : Emily Taylor
Adviser : Sam Richards