Katie Ross

Katie Ross

Portland, OR, US

Exterior School Perspective
Exterior School Perspective
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Biomimicry Schools

This project exemplifies the way in which a school
can have a positive impact on its surrounding
ecosystem and social context. This school is a toxic
free environment that uses vernacular materials,
green roofs, composting toilets, natural ventilation,
a water catchment system and natural daylighting to
create a dynamic healthy space for its the students
and community. Its conceptual design reflects
the schools emphasis on art and ecology with its
forms and circulation mimicking the lava tubes that
lie beneath its foundations. The terraced campus
provides unique spaces and eliminates the need
for unnecessary excavation. The school includes
classrooms for K-12 grades, a community center
with a kitchen, public library and auditorium. The
conceptual, material and technological philosophy of
the school mimicks the natural forms and functions
of nature.

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Status: School Project
Location: Kealakekua, HI, US

Classroom Section
Classroom Section
Interior Classroom Perspective
Interior Classroom Perspective
Passive Design Section
Passive Design Section