Constantine Ronquillo

Constantine Ronquillo

Lakeland, FL, US


RWS Temporary Site Office

Concept : Black Canvass- Temporary Structure that Doubles as a Mock up Facade.

This building serves as a temporary office of all the technical consultants and representatives of the $5Billion development of Resortsworld (also a project of the same firm). It was conceptualized and built in the span of 11 months.

Several mock-up facade studies experimentations and decisions were made using the site office as its “conceptual canvass” during the course of RWS’ construction phase..

The function of this building goes well beyond that of an ordinary temporary office structurel; its elevations are designed to such way that they have collectively reflected within its facade the important elements of the ongoing Resortsworld hotels and structures of which its office oversees.

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Status: Built
Location: Singapore City, SG