Constantine Ronquillo

Constantine Ronquillo

Lakeland, FL, US


Project Inspiration

A non-disclosed clientel, which builds and manages world-renowed themeparks, holiday resorts and family-oriented leisure attractions, have decided to utilize their property in Celebration, Florida to fulfill an ambitious vision that would represent the culmination and the direction of their company- a Micro-city.
This vision includes high-end hotels, boutiques, shops, residential area, an art school, and nature parks; all to exemplify a new kind of lifestyle and urbanism that represents the near future, and addressing issues concerning sustainability.
With 50% of the global population living in cities and wasting an average of 3 hours of travel time to and from work, the fabric of the cities worldwide has increasingly been tedious and congested. Project Inspiration is a model city that recognizes the requirements of this dynamism and change, and has acknowledged current urban issues of this sort.

As much as this project has implied a standard that applies everywhere, certain circumstances that surround the site have affected its imperatives and form:
1. Celebration, a census designated town- its success and failures
2. Disney Themeparks
3. the now-defunct $2.4 billion high-speed rail project that connects major cities of Florida

Our current dispositions of cities and social sustainability enables the concept to form a new and more interesting blueprint of how we should live our lives in the future, eliminating urban voids and be less and less dependent on goods and fuel.  

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Celebration, FL, US