Janko Tadic

Janko Tadic

Beograd, CS


housing complex

In the period project of New Belgrade was started its concept was representing the most modern view of architecture and urbanism of that time. As architec- ture developed by time so did the needs of its users, new options for upgrading New Belgrade have opened so did the new ways of perceiving the original con- cept. When we talk about residential architecture, the idea that was done by Athens Charter saw objects as dots in big fields of greenery. Reason that blocks were formed that way was enabling the users more contact with green surfaces that surrounds them. Concept of suggested solution for residential complex in Dr. Ivan Ribar’s street is based on upgrading that idea and at- tempt to enable users better and efficient approach and better contact with green surfaces that are in- tended by plan for residents of this complex.

The idea was to take four segments of project (green surfaces, roads, parking space, and housing units) and form them into a one unity by rising and overlapping of planned surfaces within the block. Housing unit, that are represented in form of pixels, rise and move away from each other forming open spaces enabling that way roof gardens for residents.

Pixels are formed in two rings and open to the south side of the world for maximum insolation. Between two rings of apartments, from ground point, ramps rises which interconnect the pixels enabling that way apart- ment approach and also representing the main com- munication within whole residential unity/block. Space of the ramps is used for car trafficking but also for parking of vehicles giving so residential users parking space near their apartment. This residential unit is di- vided on 6 subunits which have separate accesses via concrete cores and every subunit has 4 types of apart- ments.

Constructional system is made of steel beam and col- umn set forming that way a steel cage which, rising from the ground, relies on concrete cores I supporting pillars. Interval between columns is 7.2 m and height from floor to ceiling is 3.3 m. Façade concept of the outer ring follows the housing unit demands for natu- ral light where their window dimensions are formed depending on their positions and possibilities to re- ceive Sun’s luminosity.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Beograd, CS