Janko Tadic

Janko Tadic

Beograd, CS


Center for promotion of science

The object is a place where two ages crash – a colli- sion of modern (function) and retro (New Belgrade). Its architecture should provoke, associates, intrigue as for observers so for its users. In time exhibits have taken a new form, meaning that now the requirements for new architectural concepts have changed. User becomes a participant and without him
exhibition does not exists. Exhibit itself is meaningless until the user activates it and participates. By doing that he also becomes a part of exhibition. Together they form a spectacle.

Entrance area is in direct connection with main space which is formed by delevelled staggered slabs that are recessed in relation to the facade so they can be occurred from all levels and angles. Highest level of the building is formed in relation to program require- ments, it is compact and offers dark areas that corre- spond to different types of exhibitions. Facade of the building is put in use of filter for the outside observers who watch through fresnel lenses which are on three sides of object. It gives them ability to see distort im- age of inside space giving them a whole diffrent per- ception of the Center for Promotion of Science.

The structural system is mixed – reinforced concrete structure that is cast on site and mounting space steel frame. Reinforced concrete structure is, in levels of underground parking space, skeletal with reinforced concrete canvasas and core, and along the
perimeter of the building is reinforced concrete sup- porting structure.The building is dug into the ground level of garage and ground floor. Above ground floor space is a steel structure that relies on reinforced con- crete core and steel columns spatial circular section. Useful space at the top of the building is formed
by two levels of spatial steel structures that are in- terconnected with steel columns within the area and volume of the facade. Floor slabs in the space of the building are hung by the cable system on steel roof space truss and so is the planetarium.
Planetarium is in the constructive sense a blob that is formed from a series of steel frames and together with internal structure makes a physical circuit. Facade is a spider system construction, or a system of circular steel tubes which are interconnected in a orthogonal network with levels of slabs in the space.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Beograd, CS