Sefako Gbomita

Sefako Gbomita

Accra, GH


Mframa Duplex Apartment

Mframa Villa takes the notion of outdoor and indoor space to new heights by allowing the former to define the two levels of the apartment.  In our attempt to meet the ecological demand of the house, we’ve introduced an interior courtyard built in the form of a shaft into the living space for the purpose of bringing in natural light from above, and also taking out warm air outside. In this respect, the continuous flow of ” Mframa”  or wind is not only facilitated by the shaft, but also by the composite operable window systems of jalousie and awning, which both allow for optimum ventilation. Here, we’ve explored and inverted the courtyard typology as a dominant interior feature, where voids and landscaping invites nature inside, and also animates adjacent spaces and rooms.........

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Cape Coast, GH