Jiahao Lu

Jiahao Lu

Los Angeles, CA, US


International Architecture Competition SC2011 Spain-China Madrid + HangZhou


Team: Hua li, Jiahao Lu
Time: Summer 2011
Location: Madrid, Spain


1, Statement
The concept of the project derived from a biological relationship. In a mutual symbiotic system, individual benefits from the long-term interaction between different biological species. Facing the urban crisis that most of the global metropolitan areas are having, innovative urban proposals should advocate the beneficial high density mixed-use infrastructure system which would fundamentally reshape people’s living behavior as well as the social organization of the city.


2, Coreless Structure System
To facilitate such ambition, our proposal comes from a simple geometrical manipulation. A corrugated mesh could stands on its own with the stability which its unfold form could never have. Such seemingly simple gesture could provide two benefits, one is structure stability, and the other is the blends of the space. The penetration between the two sides addresses connections and communications of different domains.

3, Pleated Façade
Interpreting such folding idea into the local treatment of the façade design, the pleating geometry could allow the exterior wall to shrink and expand which has structural and ecological value. Structurally, the wrinkle façade system provide more exterior surface area than simplify wrapping the volume needs, this leads to a exterior surface with certain depth which would increases the structure stability. Ecologically, the folded plane is a kinetic elevation system which enables the façade to adjust its shading depth, exposure value and orientation according to the climate condition as well as the interior needs.


4, Culture Reflection
Aesthetically, result from a series of design treatments, the wrinkle façade creates a unique appearance and iconic value for the vertical city. Such aesthetical value reflects the passionate South Europe culture. The movement and the gesture of the building is like the famous Flamenco Dancing, the twinkling effect comes from the beautiful façade is just like the sprinkling skirt…

With all of the beneficial facts, this design could be conceived as symbiosis system which facilitates the relationships between varied programs, public and private functions differences as well as the dialogue of building and city.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Madrid, ES