Zhibin Cheng

Zhibin Cheng

San Francisco, CA, US


URBAN SPACE WEAVING - Multi-Use Building Type For Houston

This studio requires developing a void type to study medium-scale, mixed-use building for future Houston. Since our site - Bissonnet Street will be considered as a major commercial street, it becomes more and more important to address the issue of the connection between city and building.

This design is trying to develop a void type which can act like an intermediary weaving the urban space into the building. Basically, It is like a crack cut into the mass. This kind of void not only creates strong tension between these two parts, but also makes the building an icon to the city.

When this type is applied to our site, it becomes three interlocked parts including a residential tower, commercial space and a gallery tower. The void is a continuous space through the building, which makes the project read as one single object. The void is the public space among these volumes. Some of the it is occupiable and some create visual connection between different public space.

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Status: School Project
Location: Houston, TX, US