Zhibin Cheng

Zhibin Cheng

San Francisco, CA, US



The design requested us to create an energy-efficiency building for exhibition at Tongji University. At the same time, the building should deal with the surrounding context.


Nowadays energy efficiency has become a hot topic. Architecture is no exception. But too much emphasis on energy-efficiency makes it what a building is all about. Architecture requires more than that.

Is it possible to make all or some the design methods which makes a building energy-efficient do more for the context, clients and surrounding residents?


Since the site is a lack of public space, I suggested providing an open square, and at the same time combining passive energy-efficiency methods:

1. The bottom is lifted up to create open space and also improve ventilation;

2. The roof covers the entire space to provide comfortable indoor and outdoor environment;

3. The larger support system contributes to heating and ventilation and creates interesting spaces.

Summer: Shade

Winter: Penetrate

1. Connect the front and back space and create a large plaza

2. Help the ventilation of the site

1. Adjust the temperature inside the building

2. Provide comfortable outdoor environment


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Status: School Project
Location: Shanghai, CN