Daniele Marcotulli

Daniele Marcotulli

Rome, IT



he driness roof terrace has evoked the image of the blade of grass that, in the desert territories and free from fertility, manages to grow, to break the ground infecting it of life.
The initial concept was regularized in a serial and extensible design for possible future expansion. The system of ponds and walkways, now adjusted according to a modular organization, provides a low cost, simplicity of design and ease of management.
Between the clumps of cultivated land, there are linear systems of crossing: walkways that create a narrative, as well as physical, to discover the plantings.
The new Garden is a landscape to explore and to live. It is a place to work, walk, stop. A "suspended universe " where you can afford to dream. And to learn. It is a carpet lifted by the power of cultivation, ideally flying to give to people an unusual emotion, to bring in an unusual time, in an "other place", different from the urban cha

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Rome, IT
My Role: team leader
Additional Credits: km0 architetti