MJ Divino

MJ Divino

Edison, NJ, US


Sample Construction Documents - High-End Kitchen

The following shows the use of a set of drawings that does the following: 1) sells the idea to the client 2) communicates to vendors the scope of the project 3) tells installers how to build the project and 4) becomes an attractive and memorable way to archive a design project.

This particular kitchen was a combination of standard and custom luxury cabinetry. Because the drawings were communicative, we got through the process much quicker than if we had had to rely on simple orthagonal drawings for explanations to the client.

The set is a combination of AutoCAD for the plans, which were then modeled in Sketchup. The Sketchup model was then used to generate ALL the other views. Rendering was done in Shaderlight, and some final touch-ups were accomplished with Photoshop. The entire compilation was then thrown back onto AutoCAD for the titleblock.

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Status: Built
Location: Chatham, NJ, US
My Role: Project Manager/Drafter/Renderer
Additional Credits: James Dove