Lesley Ann Malapit

Lesley Ann Malapit

Boston, MA, US


Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston

The site of the Clemson Architecture Center rests well within the historic
center of Charleston, South Carolina(USA) across the street of the Spoleto Headquarters.
The design intention is to integrate the program of the modern architecture
school with the surroundings of the neighborhood which is dominant with the
region’s vernacular architecture, established in the 1700s- the Single House.

The neighborhood encompasses a rich garden culture which mingles
well with the hot and humid climate of the southern state. The Single Houses
respond to this by having garden porches that face the side of the house instead of
the front. This enables cool breezes to pass through the porch and into the house.
On the opposite wall of the porch, the neighbor’s building facade, is called the
“Friendly Wall” which is unique only to Charleston.

The deisgn concept is the utilization of the “Transforming Friendly
Wall”. This wall is weaves through all the spaces of the architecture school and
is finished with Black Diamond Slate which is typical roofing material of a Single
House. This move is to remind the students of the region’s architectural heritage.
Additionally, trellises and planting beds are integrated into the architecture for plant
material such as ivy, clematises, and jasmine to grow upon them, cooling the air
that enters into the building, while softening the stone, concrete, steel, and glass

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Status: School Project
Location: Charleston, SC, US