Wassida Watanakulchai

Wassida Watanakulchai

New York, NY, US


Interfering: The Elevated Acre

The Museum of the 21st century is situated on the elevated acre and its adjacent surroundings in lower Manhattan. The design process involved an analysis of various formal, spatial, and programmatic qualities on the site and the development of a relational construct between them. The implementation of an operative technique (in this case, interference) and an analysis of its process through the medium of vector fields and tesselation generated three dimensional forms. These forms could then be parametrically adjusted according to the previously defined site qualities, yielding emergent architectural properties. The newly constructed fields were then incorporated into the site with particular emphasis placed on their relationship to privately-owned public space and their interaction with existing business, infrastructure, and recreation ‘surfaces.’ The operative technique was then utilized to consider sequences of occupiable space as well as different methods of art display.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US