Wassida Watanakulchai

Wassida Watanakulchai

New York, NY, US


Cloud Studio : Aqua Transvercity

In the Cloud Studio, we looked upon a possible future in the design of institutions which take serious advantage of two inter-related characters: ultra locality and remote connection. We experimented with two main attitudes of tectonic research--advance material sensitivity and/or connectivity, and distributed form or protocol.

Aqua Transvercity examines the programs of Archive/ Library and Education/Learning in response to the forecast of marine extinction in the year 2048. The concept works parallel between consumers and fisheries management in the scale of ultra-local and remote connection. Information about marine species, toxicity, and illegal ocean traffic is transmitted to the land by a series of 'RAFTs' (Remote Automated Fisheries Transmitter), offshore farming pods that travel across the ocean. On land, the information is distributed from the ocean to the market and then to the consumers through a didactic urban market space and through a graphic interface. The combination of this data-driven network with an advanced farming application simultaneously reduces the wild seafood demand and increases aquaculture production.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US