Timothy Owen

Timothy Owen

Manor, PA, US


Virginia Tech Crew Boathouse

With no existing facilities at their disposal, a boathouse for the growing crew team would be a great asset.  The facility opens directly onto  the lake and provides for multiple boats launches simultaneously.  The two volumes of the boathouse are dictated by program and careful geometric examination.

A long, thin structure houses the 55 ft. long racing shells and other equipment.  Joined by a shaded outdoor hallway, the second building houses locker rooms, staff office, and a large team meeting space.

Both structures were designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind; the boat storage building is completely open to the exterior, and features an open roof with a rainwater collection system.  The  area surrounding the boathouse was also carefully considered to accomodate the parking and transportation concerns of the large racing hulls.

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Status: School Project
Location: Claytor Lake, VA