Tom Allen

Tom Allen

Columbus, OH, US

House 2 among exhibition
House 2 among exhibition

Two Houses Sometime in the Future

The studio assumes that it is taking place in a postapocalyptic future, in which a neo-utilitarian society has emerged, mostly devoid of artistic discourses and influences.  Research of historians have uncovered a small archive of paintings, writings and works of architecture, and has formed small enclaves of artistic design. This studio functioned as such an enclave, a bohemian demimonde, to design two houses influenced by the archive.

House I was based upon a selected Jonathan Lasker painting, as well as House IV by Peter Eisenman. The color brush strokes from the painting formed paths of movement and circulation through the house, and the black lines form differing plays of transparency and opacity
that further define and create space. The scheme also played a resemblance with a Monty Python sketch, “Marriage Guidance Counselor.”

House II is a series of volumes and textures based upon two other Lasker paintings. The volumes create a progression of space that are also influenced by the textures present in the paintings. The studio works culminated with an exhibition in Knowlton Hall.

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Status: School Project