Tom Allen

Tom Allen

Columbus, OH, US

Building Model
Building Model

Bunker Hill Urban House

This is a house for an extended family, to be located on one of four sites in a Boston neighbohood surrounding the Bunker Hill Monument. The design was based upon study of Le Corbusier’s Villa Cook, Paris, as well as other studio exercises.

With a narrow, long site that was landlocked, including an exsiting building on one side, a challenge was to maximize sunlight on the front and left side elevations. The design included horizontal curtain walls of light, as well as an atrium, sun room and roof terrace. The four-level house is served by a stairwell that helps create split-level spaces at the front such as a library and great room. Another stairway begins at the rear of the house and cascades in a linear fashion towards the top level, which
houses the sunroom, terrace, and a roof garden.  Another challenge was to create living quarters on the ground floor towards the rear for Grandpa White, who wanted accessibility and a link to his family, while maintaining a sense of privacy and independence, and the ability to rent out upon his vacancy. Family kitchen and bedrooms are located on floors above.

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Status: School Project
Location: Boston, MA, US