Brenda Demaline

Brenda Demaline

Austin, TX, US

Renaissance Mall Overview
Renaissance Mall Overview
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Renaissance Aruba


This site is located in Renaissance Resort and Mall. This is a tourist destination for people from around the world. The intention was to create a local relevant, sustainable kiosk and visually draw people into the kiosk with contrast of materials from the lobby area.

How does the design cater to it’s audience?

The overall design of the Renaissance Mall is a high end resort look.  I customized this kiosk to complement the clean lines of the hotel while bringing in natural materials to incorporate the local relevant

 look and feel of a Caribbean style plantation home and communal seating area. I specified reclaimed wood cladding as a reoccurring design element while creating overhead spatial interest with a canopy above.


Innovation in the design?

This custom kiosk design was key for this site location.  I had to consider a large volume space, a boat canal drop-off area, views from the upstairs lobby/ shopping areas and the sightline from the main level entry.  I developed a design that would talk to all of these elements.  Creating interest in the ceiling, drawing customers in with the use of natural building materials and creating an inviting seating area.

What was the inspiration and how did you incorporate that into the design?

The inspiration for this design was to create an inviting space with a community feel. Bringing elements from the outside in tied the kiosk to the exterior local environment.


Green solutions and environmental responsibility?

I incorporated green design into the space by specifying reclaimed wood flooring as cladding, FSC sustainable furniture, LED lights, USGBC certified canopy panels.

What kind of messaging do you have in the store?

The artwork is printed on reclaimed Douglas Fir wood panels. 

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Status: Built
Location: Renaissance Resort, Aruba

Renaissance Mall Overview
Renaissance Mall Overview