Miranda Danusugondo

Miranda Danusugondo

New York, NY, US


Scotch College Science, Design & Technology Learning Centre

The Science, Design and Technology Learning Centre at Scotch College combines a number of disciplines in one state-of-the art facility. Workshops, laboratories and general learning areas over three levels, have maximum flexibility afforded through operable panels, providing various teaching and learning environments.  The design is reflective of the progressive and technological aspirations of the facility, and becomes itself, a teaching tool for the students incorporating key sustainable principles enabling its users to engage with the technologies at work within the building’s management.

The contemporary structure is a vibrant addition to the 110-year campus, in a continuing tradition of each architectural instance being demonstrative of its time, drawing on similar thematic approaches to colour, material, detail and form.

With teenage boys being the ‘real users’, the building is designed robustly - industrial and raw in aesthetic, exposing and expressing much of the structure, services and materials such as face brickwork, concrete and plywood. Sustainable design is considered, with rainwater harvesting, photovoltaic panels and a building management system. Materials are largely those with low embodied energy, low VOC and high recycled content.  Standard sizes of selected materials were utilised where possible to reduce waste and to create patterned, visual interest.  

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Status: Built
Location: Perth, AU