Miranda Danusugondo

Miranda Danusugondo

New York, NY, US


111 St Georges Terrace

 Today’s ONE ELEVEN has emerged from a 1970s office tower in an ever-developing central business district, commonly considered the traditional heart of the city.

The significant refurbishment comprises the reconfiguration of the ground lobby and surrounding external forecourt. The building receives a better public address - the rebranding of its identity and its street presence given more significance and clarity. The rearrangement of existing tenancies at ground level has created a grander and more voluminous scale to the corporate lobby. Public movement into and through the building is also ameliorated.

The works extend into the forecourt, expanding the lobby to the external activities.  The lift core, which is now larely exposed, is clad in crystalline-shaped panels of white edge-lit acrylic.  The lofty space is topped by linear patterns of black and white strips, echoing the pattern of the floor surface. The lifts are accessed via a dark timber-clad ‘tunnel’, contrasting with the brightness of the main lobby. Amongst the play of minimal surfaces and patterns, feature lighting discretely follow the linear arrangement of these elements.

Previously, the external forecourt existed as pockets of austere emptiness, well-used by the skateboarding and homeless communities alike. These areas have been redesigned, with the addition of single-storey pavilions to the perimeter of the site, now activating the zone with additional retail and food and beverage tenancies. The strategic placement of an icon bar at the corner of the site, overlooking the busiest intersection of the city, further makes ONE ELEVEN a prominent destination and presence in the urban landscape.

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Status: Built
Location: Perth, AU