Wade Meadors

Wade Meadors

Houston, TX, US


GBC Workshop

     One of the main objectives in this project is to promote the Green Building Components Workshop and use this building not just as a state of the art workshop and office, but as a means to advertise the GBC to the rest of the campus. The best way to do this will be to express to all the students and passersby to observe what is going on within in the workshop.

    With this new workshop, the GBC stands a unique opportunity to use this facility to show the students of the University of Houston what types of research is going on at the university. The reason for this is that this organization’s research is built and assembled at a one-to-one scale and can be learned, observed, and understood by people who are looking in from outside the projects. This is why the architect believes that exposure and public interaction will be a vital tool to the new GBC Workshop and Studio. People will become the façade of the building and the productivity and activity of the workshops and studios will be constant reminder of the importance of this organization not just to the School or Architecture, but the entire university.

    When considering the layout of the shop, flexibility will be extremely important but without sacrificing efficiency. The shops need to be easily accessible to each other as well as to the loading dock. The less structural or mechanical elements that take up space in the floor plan, the more achievable this becomes. This is why the structure and mechanical system will be integrated into one building envelope that acts as one unified fully functioning system.

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Status: School Project