Tanya Zurita

Tanya Zurita

Los Angeles, CA, US



The Los Angeles Mayor’s Office announced 12 vacant lots as potential park
sites acquired through interdepartmental property transfers. These sites are
scattered throughout Los Angeles County. Vacant lot sizes vary from 0.12 acre
to 1.35 acres. Budgets for site revitalization range from $20,000 to $311,700.
Each student will then select a site to create his or her own Pocket Park. Pocket
Parks must also address practical and technical concerns regarding conservation
& maintenance issues, and the recreational needs of the neighborhood.

The main concept came from the project before this one which was a ribbon
portable garden. The ribbon was used to help organize the layout of the pocket
park. To get to the center of the park one must curve around the light filled
benches. To help lead the people into the park is also a plastic ribbon that is
held up by the rebar in the light domes on the floor. Trees, plants, and water
area were placed to have the largest amount of shade and cooling power.

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Status: School Project
Location: South Los Angeles, CA, US