Tanya Zurita

Tanya Zurita

Los Angeles, CA, US



This project was placed in Boyle Heights and was to be a civic center with class rooms, offices, lobby, social hall and all other support rooms.  One was to look at the fabric of the city and design a civic center for the specific community.  This studio was design to also get into the detail of material construction of the building at hand.  Gaining an over all experience it what it take to design a building.   

The main concept of this buiding came from the first site investigation.  In East Los Angeles the street life changes onces the sunsets.  When falls street merchants come out and take over the streets and side walks. The people in the community welcome and go to out to sell as well as buy.  My civic center was designed with two main materials, fiberglass and expo. concrete.  The concrete part of the building was maked to be able to change and let street merchants occupy it at night and the fiberglass part was more of private areas.  

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Status: School Project
Location: East Los Angeles, CA, US