Erin Marie Pleticha

Erin Marie Pleticha

Moraga, CA, US


Healing Through Design

THESIS STATEMENT: A well-designed space has the capability to influence the individuals inhabiting the space positively, both physically and mentally.  This relationship between health and architecture suggests that architects have an obligation to society to work toward design that promotes the improved well-being of any and all individuals that may use the space.


PROBLEM:  Create a mental health center that uses the building as an additional healing tool.

CONSIDERATIONS: Deal with the unique needs of mental health patients while still creating a welcoming and healing place for them during their stay.  Simultaneously deal with the hot, dry climate and create a relationship between the building and surrounding nature.

SOLUTION: The design focuses on bringing nature and its healing qualities to the inhabitants.  This is done by allowing an existing river to flow through the courtyards of the patient communities and by focusing communal views on the nearby mountain range.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rio Rancho, NM, US