Nikoleta Kotsikou

Nikoleta Kotsikou

Athens, GR


Reconnecting Collserolla

While thinking about the proposal to Reconnect collserola, we kept in mind two main factors:
first, we could not ignore the fact that we are living in Energy-Crisis times, where people
need to think outside the box and turn toward new ways of energy production and new forms of
This leas us to decide to creat a self-sufficient network that will connect the disconnected areas,

and our area of study for that matter.
Second, our proposal had to be up to date with the pace and the needs of contemporary

culture. Spectacle plays a dominant role in our society, followed by consumption and pageantry.
Therefore, we decided to propose a natural park as a network that can be applied to our site,
but also all around Collserolla, as en element that promotes continuity between the artificial and
the natural, the urban and the park.
Our structure is organised throughout seven layers. Starting from level 0.00, we have Llobergat
River that provides the park and its elements with water. Then we have a bridge that makes the
river area accessible to the visitors of the park, which is now disconnected because of the

transportation network (streets and railway network). following the bridge, there is an artificial

forest, made out from wind-trees, meaning constructions visually similar to trees, that hold

windmills on them, able to capture energy and distribute it throughout the park. The urban fabric

that is included in our area of interest if sull of big box stores and parking lots, some of which

will be torn down. In their place, we propose a new market to be created, a network of small

shops that will sell the products produced by the park itself. On the slopes of Collserolla, our

structure will hold vegetable gardens available for people to rent. On each garden, one will have

to opportunity to grow their own plants or flowers, and, later on, sell their products in the

Marketplace. The next layer consists of an existing cement factory, which already uses biomass

as an alternative form of energy. Not wanting to exclude this factory from our area of

intervention, we decided that we could enhance this process of using biomass, by providing the

factory with biomass produced by our park.
Lastly, the final layer, used to house mines, which broke down the natural topography of

Collserola, creating a new landscape. We decided to place bungalows in this part of our park,

so as to promote people visiting the park and getting closer to nature.

Nikoleta Kotsikou, Arnhildur Palmadotirr, Konstanty Stajniak 

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Status: School Project
Location: Barcelona, ES