Nikoleta Kotsikou

Nikoleta Kotsikou

Athens, GR



During the last 4 years I have been working as an architect and urban planner at a private office in Greece.  I have been involved in research, urban analysis and design of many big-scale projects throughout Greece, most of which are public buildings, such as the New Museum of Alexandroupolis, Attica’s Suburban Railway Stations and Rhode’s Power Plant Station. Further to designing, I have also participated in analysis and research on Attica’s masterplan and transportation network. Lately, I have been particularly interested in Access Management. I took part in research on the existing legislation regarding Access Management in Greece and presented it at the “First International Conference of Access Management”, where I received very positive reviews and was also invited to present my findings at TRB’s (Traffic Research Board) Annual Meeting in January 2012, in Washington, DC.
Further to my professional projects, I have also worked independently on smaller projects, such as two summer houses on a Greek island (currently being legally licensed) and a small company, named Syros Windsurf Camp (SWC) for which I designed the beach hut (in a way that it can be assembled every summer and stored every winter) as well as the company’s logo, website and facebook page. I have also been responsible for designing all the communications of the company (leaflets, posters, T-shirts etc)
Regarding my education, I have a BA in Architecture and Engineering (from the University of Patras, Greece) and an MA in Advanced Architecture (from IaaC, Barcelona). During my postgraduate degree I focused on public space, retail space and the city’s networks, while during my postgraduate degree I worked on more contemporary architectural practises, and specialized on Digital Fabrication, Self-Sufficient Systems and Design, and Emergent Territories. Since I graduated, I have always searched for seminars and classes to attend. I attended UCLA’s Summer Seminar on Grasshopper and Processing and many seminars in Greece regarding Environmental Design and Cultural Preservation.
My main passion is architecture, but I also love photography. I have gained distinctions for my pictures (Thessaloniki’s Photobienalle, OpenStudio online gallery) and maintain two blogs and a website where I showcase them. Most of my pictures can be viewed at: I also specialize in fashion photography, which can be seen at my site: My blogs and website are becoming popular and attracting many visitors worldwide.
Educational and personal development have always been critical for me to reach my personal and professional goals. The understanding of other arts, crafts or disciplines has helped me practise architecture in a more accomplished method.


University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Seminar in Grasshopper and Processing

Aug 2010 - Aug 2010

IaaC - The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, MArch, Master in Advanced Architecture

Courses attended include: Parametric Design, Digital Fabrication (cnc cutting, rapid prototyping, cnc milling), Emergent Territories and New Urbanity, Ecotect, Internet 0, Experimental Structures, Self Sufficiency
Final Dissertation: “Cutwalk” applying techniques and principles from fashion to architecture with easy to fabricate material
Samples of work:

Oct 2008 - Jul 2009

University of Patras, BArch, Architectural Engineering

Classes Attended: Architectural Design / Studio, History of Art, History of Architecture, Theory of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Sociology, Buildings & Construction, Physics in Building, Visual Arts
Thesis on the expansion of commercial premises in Attica, and more specifically Maroussi. Analysis on the death of public space and the birth of the first malls in Greece.
Diploma project: ‘3 bridges in Pallini’. Multi-use space, private and public along one of the largest road networks of Attica, Attiki Odos.

Oct 2002 - Jul 2008

Areas of Specialization