Alireza Partovi

Alireza Partovi

Toronto, ON, CA


Babol Residential Complex

On the April 2012, we establish our office ,Pibonarg, and for the first project we have contracted with engineering cooperation of Babol to design a building for 40 stock holders. This project is a 80-unit residential complex located in north part of Iran in the country side of the Babol city with view to the
farmland, and the highest summit of Iran, Damavand to the south. We have been commissioned by Board of directors of our clients to provide Architectural, Structural and MEP design for a luxury Residential complex which provide some services like Catering, Laundry, medical facilities, and Banquets in the complex.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Babol, Iran
My Role: Project Management and Project Architect