Adriana Amendolara

Adriana Amendolara

Astoria, NY, US


We Grow

The WE GROW development strategy allows the inherent value of Ga Mashie to be regained by bridging the gap between the community and government through compound redesign that includes ownership, reorganization to form community improvement groups, government utilities development, and ultimately a reconnection to larger trade networks.

While within Ga Mashie the separation between the government and the community is extremely apparent.  This project proposes to bridge this divide and create a median for either side to benefit from the other.  The basic typological unit in Ga Mashie is the compound house and using that as a source for outward growth is crucial to the advancement of the community.  Currently the town of Ga Mashie occupies the historical heart of Ghana's capital Accra, once anchoring its economy with a teeming industrial port.  When this port was relocated to Tema 40 years ago, it left the many micro economies disconnected from a larger market network.  Many of the small production currently occurs in the sacred spaces within the compounds of the Ga people. Due to the destruction left by an earthquake in 1939, many of the compounds are not sufficient to allow for the necessary growth to generate economic stability for the community.  Despite this deterioration, the value of Ga Mashie cannot be understated.  It is the heart of Accra geographically and culturally and can regain its connection back into a larger context.

This strategy intends to reorganize Ga Mashie, providing a plan for community improvement groups to occur that correlate to the existing dynamic of the community.  Introducing amenities and training centers within the auxiliary spaces located at the juncture between multiple compounds.  This reorganization of the community will not only increase their capacity for leadership and training opportunities but, increase their personal compound longevity.  Out of this underlying typological and habitual shift corresponding to what already exists in Ga Mashie, economic growth and a heightened quality of life would begin to progress. 

Eventually the development of larger scale utility networks will be generated by the government; strategically linking into these amenities that are being introduced at the community level.  This re-established center will continue to economically thrive while becoming a branding strategy and cultural destination for Accra.  Those living within the compounds as well as local Ga's near this region will enjoy everything that Ga Mashie has to offer, economically and culturally.  This growth aims to reconnect Ga Mashie with larger trade networks and economies by linking the most opportunistic zones of development to allow for progressive change along major corridors within the community.

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Status: School Project
Location: Ghana, Africa