Adriana Amendolara

Adriana Amendolara

Astoria, NY, US




Electronics are a commodity; we replace them as frequently as companies generate newer models.  Our attachment to them is temporary, because when they are done serving their purpose we either throw them in a box in our closet or in the nearest trash can.  If not properly recycled these items contaminate and damage ecosystems. But, if properly recycled can either be re-purposed or gleaned for raw and rare materials.


The current electronic ‘recycling’ process has damaged our ecosystems in the US as well as in third world countries, like Ghana and China.  In response to this unregulated system New York City is passing a series of laws against the disposal of E-waste, where both individuals as well as companies will be held accountable. However, currently the City still expects its E-waste to be handled outside of its borders.


E-Tabolism will create a network within Red Hook to address this stream locally by taking in the City’s Electronics and using them to bridge the community with a waterfront industry.  A local specialized labor force will be integrated into existing systems that recycle, re-use, and disassemble the serviceable parts to generate local products.

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Status: School Project
Location: Red Hook, NY, US