John Long

John Long

Saint Louis, MO, US


Tove Jansson Library - Helsinki

2002, Washington University School of Architecture: Helsinki Studio 

Program: Small library dedicated to the author Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomins, Finland's wise and endearing fantasy creatures. This library houses the Tove Jansson archives as well as a dedicated children's wing, includes a small theater and gallery, coffee bar, reading room and administrative offices.

Approach: To conform to the topography of this low-lying island with the main body of the library. 

Solution: A masonry spine acts as the primary organizing element from which the low-pitched roof spreads to both sides. Geometry of the spaces is derived from the bare granite topography which rises no more than 3 meters from the surface of the sea at the highest point. A watch tower marks the end point of the island and houses the children's library.





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Status: School Project
Location: Uunisaaret, Helsinki, Suomi