Michaela MacLeod

Michaela MacLeod

Toronto, ON, CA


Pink Punch

The installation Pink Punch aims to attract visitors by its striking color, off the beaten path, through the shaped garden rooms, and into the forest. The new garden room uses the traditional technique of tree wrapping (used to protect trees from the elements) and the color pink to divide the “wilderness” from the garden, in a non-traditional way.

This pinkscape is made from natural rubber pink latex rope wrapped around each tree at a height of 10 feet, then wound until it reaches the ground. At the ground, the rope then continues to wind around the base of the tree to a radial distance of 3 to 4 feet. When a small cluster of trees are wrapped to their bases, the rope then envelops them all, creating a communal seating area at the base of each tree.

Depending on the site, this installation is improvised, yet predetermined by the author’s set of instructions. This installation is meant to be temporary, and re-installed the following year in a different location.

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Status: Built
Location: Jardin de Metis
My Role: Landscape Designer
Additional Credits: Nicholas Croft