Michael DelValle

Michael DelValle

Derry, NH, US


Public Installation (spring 2010)

Parking surveys estimate that there are as many as 2 billion parking spaces in the United States alone, nearly 8 spaces for every 1 car. With the average space being 162 square feet, approximately 324 billion square feet in the United States are dedicated to cars. In spite of these immense numbers people hardly ever utilize parking spaces for anything else.

This installation challenges the notion of public space, specifically public parking, actively utilizing it for something other than its intended use. With the immense number of parking spaces in the world why not use them for something other than just storing vehicles? This project does just that.

The moveable green room was assembled offsite and then wheeled around downtown Bristol, turning empty spaces into an interesting place to hangout. Curious passersby peeked in and in some cases entered to enjoy some good company.

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Status: Built
Location: Bristol, RI, US