Farah Jamil

Farah Jamil

Haslett, MI, US


Martin Luther King Elementary School

Client:    Des Moines Public School
Area:      Renovation 52,703sq. ft.
                Addition 1,177sq. ft.
Budget:  $4,731,760

•  Job site field verification, photo documentation and drafting existing conditions.
•  Conceptual floor plan options and area study.
•  Graphic floor plans, elevations (both interior and exterior), site plan and other graphic material needed to put together presentation boards and handouts for client meetings.
•  Assisted in preparing production documents (SD, DD, CD)
•  Assisted Interior Designer with casework layout, interior elevations and reception desk details.
•  Assisted in meeting the clients and consultants. Responsible for note taking and preparing
   Meeting Minutes.
•  Assisted in construction meetings and job site visits during construction phase.
•  Updated and maintained drawings for As-Builts and Closing Documents.

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Status: Built
Location: Des Moines, IA, US