Hui Giadone

Hui Giadone

New York, NY, US


Opencon* / Parasitic Building System

In the urban landscape in Taiwan, two systems are broadly used to create our artificial environment. R.C. system fitting small sites easily, raising high fast and being transferred in transportation scale are used frequently. The other system--parasitic system, It could be considered as a prefabricated open sub-system-, fitting people’s needs directly with open choices. Finally it spreads rapidly and enormously to create another face of urban landscape.Since container system is broadly used not only in transportation of merchandise but in architectural level as well, such as betel nuts shops and workshops. In our observation, container system is a potentially talent system to develop--STACKING and MOVABLE, as two key points, gives us and open vision. In this project, we look for a solution to balance these two faces of urbanscape by taking containers as the module and units for structure.

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Status: School Project
Location: Taipei, TW