Hui Giadone

Hui Giadone

New York, NY, US


Foresticity / Forestation as Urban Design Strategy


In the past, Ethiopia was known for its wealth of natural resources; however, this situation changed during the last century as huge tracts of land were claimed for agricultural use. Severe soil erosion and degradation reduced the fertility of the land, lessening agricultural productivity.
Deforestation has had a major impact on both the country’s ecology and its economy. Ethiopia’s economic backbone is its agricultural potential, so measures for reversing deforestation need to regain as much fertile land as possible. Confronted with this condition, we propose Foresticity, a project that uses reforestation as an urban design strategy for Ethiopia. This proposal for a new settlement provides benefits not only for the inhabitants, but also for the entire ecological system. When reforestation occurs in conjunction with the expansion or generation of cities, the growth of those cities acts as a tool for forest regeneration. Ultimately, cities become a means to spread forests throughout the country.

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Status: School Project
Location: Jima, Ethiopia