Leigh Hilton

Leigh Hilton

Virginia, US


Temple of Self

Masters thesis project, nominated by the faculty for the outstanding thesis of the graduating class. 

A fantasy Utopia based on the tenets of Objectivist philosophy sets the stage for an architectural exploration of the notion of spatial relationships in the twenty first century. This thesis explores how architecture, when experienced for the sake of the experience it has to offer, can be the tool for developing a morally founded society by creating an awareness of each individuals greatest sense of self. Objectivism holds that it is not the dogma of religion from which individuals should determine what is right and wrong, as religion is anti-life. Rather, it is the experience of art and the study of philosophy that come together to make possible the ability to rationalize abstract feelings and emotions to be able to apply them to an individual moral code. This study explores how architecture as art could redefine our notion of space in the twenty first century, and how space will in turn define us.

Modeled in Revit 2011, rendered in 3D Studio Max.  


Currently, I am working on translating my thesis into a series of articles, and working on a paper submission related to my thesis for the conference "New World, New Challenges: Building Bridges Across Disciplines," in Columbus, Georgia.

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Status: School Project
Location: Under the Sea in the Lagoon of the Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands