Shruti Gupta

Shruti Gupta

Woodbridge, NJ, US


Performing Arts Center

The aim of this pro ject was to develop a much neded downto wn in Colege Station . The students
worked on a combined site plan for the downto wn and then individual pro jects were divided based
on the neds of the community. The pro ject goals were to develop an urban community such that
al amenities are within 8 minutes walking distance . This would encourage the people to walk rat her
than drive cars to ac hieve a sustaina ble goal .
My pro ject focused on the design of a performing arts center for children consisting of a box
theatre and performaing arts school. The progra m typology for the downto wn was set to
residential to wers over retail and parking services.


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Status: School Project
Location: College Station, TX, US