Leonardo Geremia

Leonardo Geremia

Rosario, AR

Final Panels for the Contest
Final Panels for the Contest

[2014] UNR publishing house sales booth - Contest

1st Prize awarded.

The conditions outlined in the competition terms sheet are comparable to those of creating a prototypical object. It was thus understood that this nature distances the project from any sensitivity to the site of implantation, especially when the profound differences between the several UNR locations throughout different areas of Rosario are weighed. Such a requirement demands and establishes the formal and material autonomy of the project as an independent design object. This is further reinforced by the need to generate a brand image in marketing terms, a distinctive aesthetic that makes the project-object a recognizable entity at first glance, a sculptural object with a defined interior and exterior as well as sufficient iconic impact to be recognized in any context.
     This broad range of eventual implantations also presupposes the possibility of unfavorable scenarios, so factors of durability and theft security exert considerable pressure on the material and formal resolution of the project. 
A closed envelope, with a very controlled interior-exterior relationship, tries to prevent and protect the project from vandalism. 
     The choice of Cor-Ten steel as an exterior cladding is linked to the material's durability, low maintenance needs, but also its distinctive color, which is found accurate for the reasons above stated.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Rosario, AR
My Role: [author] projectist/designer, drafter, 3d modeler, renderist, technical documentation drafter, descriptive report writer
Additional Credits: Co-author Arch. Lucas Bocchino