Leonardo Geremia

Leonardo Geremia

Rosario, AR

Final Panel for the Project
Final Panel for the Project

[2014] Contemporary Habitat

Approaching an a priori complex terrain in which the plurality of entrances suggests different access situations for each entrance, and this is also endorsed by the urban standards currently in effect , the adopted plan proposes a distinction between the situation of Junín street (urban corridor, higher speed, greater heights, high degree of building substitution, and pedestrian traffic) and that of the entrances through Rawson and Monteagudo, where ramps to the underground garage are located due to greater maneuverability. Thus, the site is functionally prefigured as an East-West private passing band, and a North-South commercial band with an access to the former, featuring higher-rise housing.

     The asymmetry of the Junín entrance elicits an alternating mass disposition around the crossing point of the terrain's guidelines. This rotational movement breaks the Rawson-Monteagudo perspective-linear axis, thus capitalizing on the central space - a large open space that metaphorically reformulates the center of the block and links the entire complex through the void. It also determines different orientations for the different blocks that make up the complex, thus opening up the game for speculation regarding the possibilities of the regulations and typological and conceptual experimentation; regard at which the proposed combinations of cells in the East-West longitudinal block become particularly noticeable .   
     These combinatorial formulations especially contemplate the relationship between solids and voids on the other side of the party wall, in the neighbouring property, seeking to respond to patios with patios and solids with solids in a way that maximizes the sun exposure of the expansions, and in turn, becomes a language of solids and voids that appear random but similar in module and dimension (by virtue of the rigid structural grid that supports the project). This diagrammatic and almost tautological syntax proposes a series of blind panels, which in cases of units with exclusive front ventilation are reinterpreted in the rest of the collective housing blocks through movable solar protection elements, thus conferring conceptual unity to the project.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rosario, AR
My Role: [author] projectist/designer, drafter, 3d modeler, renderist, physical model maker, descriptive report writer
Additional Credits: Arch. Romina Bartolini