Michael Heller

Michael Heller

Los Angeles, CA, US


On Geodermic Affairs

The 4 machines embody an action of image creation from above, they are the perpetrators of these invasive compositions. Rocks vibrate continuously moving and migrating creating jagged lines and smudges. The conveyor provides a carving scarring action on an infinite surface creating perpetual motion and an infinite layering of marks and traces. The roller extracts as it moves across the landscape churning material sucking wastewater separating it and redistributing it back onto the ground. Its massive scale contrasts the materials it is removing, a continuation of the multiple scales at play throughout the sequence. And the particle table. A scraper creates overlapping lines. Through interaction with the tool provided, piles, striations, and etches form, controlled by the human who has taken the action. 

Through this human interaction these machines vary in motion on their respective surfaces, a reminder of our complicitness in the damaging of the landscape. While seemingly indirect at first glance, this site and other mines like it extracting minerals such as magnesium, lithium, iron, have been integrated into our lives. Without knowledge of this we continue our lives not batting an eye. As we continue needing more the cyclical dance plays on: Ponds recede, trenches deepen, gaps fill, piles build, and tracks widen; a palimpsest of our never ending procedure that takes more than it gives; continuously imaged, never forgotten

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Status: School Project
Location: Trona, CA, US
My Role: Project Lead
Additional Credits: Advisors: Jean Francois Bedard, Britt Eversole, Roger Hubeli, Julie Larsen

Acknowledgements: Gabe Eggerling, Ailed Torres Espinosa, Adam Harris, Andrea Herrada, Pallas Hoffman, Dhruv Jadhav, Parker Klebahn, A.J. Laucks, Catherine Li, Alison Luo, Alaina Marra, Alex Michel, Max Walewski, Lyle Yoo

On Geodermic Affairs