Zhifei Chen

Zhifei Chen

Los Angeles, CA, US



"The Games that we want to share with the world will be games that drive progress for our communities; that bring inspiration, starting today; and that build a positive future and leave a sustainable legacy."

This quote from the Paris application Bid Book #3 for the 2024 Olympic Games shows the long term vision that Paris sees in the Games. The French capital city imagines the Olympic Games as not only as a means to resonate internationally, but also as a virtuous transplant of urban renewal that will grow and participate in developing the city towards a new condition.


As everyone knows LA and Paris were runners up for the location in 2024, it so happened that Paris won the bid but on condition that La would be the next location after paris. Because of this history both cities are somehow linked, linked not just in a historic sense but in an urban, social one aswell. The studio in being sited in Paris will be as much about exploring new ideas that will certainly be precursers that will or could be played out in LA... and vice versa.....this is why as architects we see the studio as a testing ground for how research and creativity around this subject can and could work out in both cities.

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Status: School Project
Location: Paris, France