Dante Baldassin

Dante Baldassin

New York, NY, US


The Other Place

We questioned whether Michael Brown was running through the bullets, or whether he was running from them? In tangent to the directionality present on the site, we question the directionality of storylines, disparate accounts and opinions. Mirroring directionality of site and the meandering of storylines, we investigated momentum or wandering as strategies applied to going away from or going through serves the “ongoing process of ‘deformation’” towards “formlessness,” as defined by Georges Bataille.

The presence of opposing directionalities exemplifies both the physical transportation system of the road and sidewalk, as well as a more symbolic connotation in regard to the black lives matter vs. blue lives matter movements. The road is in constant opposition depending on the side in which you travel. As an interstitial indicator, double lines mark the middle of the road. These double lines act as a neutral zone between opposing grains. We can question the role of this neutral zone, when Michael Brown’s body interrupts them, laying neither left nor right, but directly in the middle.  

In tangent to the directionality of site, we question the directionality of storylines, disparate accounts and opinions. Across the middle, in a horizontal sequence, we track the stages of the present-day memorial of new asphalt. Each instance in the sequence heightens and complicates the topography, acting as disrupting moments to the grain. In the beginning of our process, we interrupt with yellow, bringing an uncanny presence to each of these nodes in the story line. Unsettling in its alienated eerie existence, the yellow sits among colors that are closer to each other, their difference sometimes barely noticeable.

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Status: Built
Location: Syracuse, NY, US
My Role: Research Assistant
Additional Credits: Boghosian Fellowship Team