Feng Zhao

Feng Zhao

New York, NY, US


Yangzhou Media Plaza

The project is supposed to design a new complex for Yangzhou Media Corporation, which includes an office tower, a theater and a broadcasting studio. Because of the residential district and the kindergarten on the north side, we have to arrange the tower on the south side, theater on the east side and the broadcasting studio on the west side. 

I focus on the design of facade and indoor space in the office tower, especailly the three atriums. About facade, our concept comes from the Moire pattern, which includes two layers of vertical louver, attempting to create different visual effects on the main road next to our site. And in the office tower, our strategy is to use three atriums which is 5-6 stories high instead of one super high atrium to create comfortable communication space for officials and facilitate ventilation in the tower. 

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Jiangsu Province
My Role: Intern