Jeffrey Grunthaner

Jeffrey Grunthaner

New York, NY, US


Sight | Site | Cite

OUTLET Fine Art is pleased to present Sight | Site | Cite organized by Noah Becker, Jeffrey Grunthaner and Julian A. Jimarez Howard and sponsored by Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art. Please join us for an opening reception with the artists Saturday, August 22 from 7-10pm. The exhibition will continue with gallery hours Saturday and Sunday 12 – 6pm through September 6th. The environing character of the works will extend into selected publications, events and readings that will take place during the exhibition's two-week run.

When art commingles with the concrete aspects of space, of site, it creates an environment, something less to be looked at than a place one can enter into, a locality encompassing the traveler in ideas and experiences, as much as sighted and cited visual images.

The works assembled in Sight | Site | Cite everywhere allude to the plastic: to the sculptural and the ephemeral equally. Structured after the manner of a fête, the exhibition deranges our habitual notions of function, utility, and perception, either by stripping objects of their familiar, everyday meaning, or by constructing them in terms of an entirely different identity.

Inspired by signage, the way bodies appear against different architectural backdrops, and the significance ascribed to places, Sight | Site | Cite pivots the white-wall precedent of a gallery into something more. Like an exploded map whose shattered territory takes on the variegated aspects of three-dimensionality, the works selected collectively construct a zone-like ambience—combining the visual, the tactile, and the aural—to pointedly modify our experience of space and, ultimately, ourselves.

Featured artists include:

Mira Alibek
Julie Tuyet Curtiss
Julia Dauksza
Heidi Howard
Irena Jurek
Nandi Loaf
Rachel Mason
Andrea McGinty
Kate McGraw
Rachel Rossin
Eric Shaw
Weronika Twardowska

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Status: Built
Location: Bushwick, NY, US
My Role: Co-curator
Additional Credits: Noah Becker: co-curator

Julian Jimarez-Howard: co-curator