Jeffrey Grunthaner

Jeffrey Grunthaner

New York, NY, US



Jeffrey Grunthaner is a writer and curator based in Brooklyn. Recent articles, reviews, poems and essays have appeared via Drag City Books, Folder, Hyperallergic, Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art, BOMB, and Imperial Matters. His most recent curatorial project Sight | Site | Cite exhibited at OUTLET Fine Arts in Bushwick, and his chapbook THE TTTROUBLE WWITH SUUNDAAYS was published by Louffa Press in 2014.

Jeffrey's Featured Articles on Archinect

Reflecting and Refracting the Politics of Glass Architecture, Thu, Mar 16 '17

It seems to me unquestionable that an anti-capitalist world—a society that emphasizes process over product, lived experience over representations—would look very different from the one we currently inhabit. The distinguishing characteristics of that world are more difficult to ...

Reflecting and Refracting the Politics of Glass Architecture