Juan Carlos Vazquez

San Francisco, CA, US


Research Laboratory

A modern laboratory designed to alter the culture of research and its sister industry with architecture. An attempt to encourage encounters between material engineers, biologist, and artist to formulate and sustain an environment of cooperation. Laboratories today are plagued with over competition
among colleagues creating a culture of secrecy, which hinders the creative process. An interdisciplinary laboratory eases tensions among colleagues by mixing scientist, engineers and artist from different fields who give input and suggestions for innovations within the laboratory. This
laboratory type encourages novel ideas explored through this cross pollination of disciplines. Disciplines are forced to interact with one another through confrontation, intrigue, curiosity and by doing so becoming a catalyst for innovation. David Edwards of Le Laboratoire and Gordon Mckay Professor of biomedical engineering at Harvard coined the term artscience, the simultaneous
imaginative and analytical process, which underlies all creative manifestation of thought. The art and sciences are both a manifestation of our creativity housing them separately conceals an aspect of thought.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Francisco, CA, US