Juan Carlos Vazquez

San Francisco, CA, US


Aquatic Center

The city of Alexandria has a recorded total population of 128,283 as of the year 2000. Alexandria is located along the West bank of the Potomac River, across from the District of Columbia. Like the rest of D.C. surroundings, Alexandria is largely populated by professionals working for the federal government, the U.S. military or private companies which service the federal government. The historic center of Alexandria, known as Old Town is accustomed to brick veneered buildings as a means to keep the character of the sector. Being the case I was not interested in building a brick box to hold the sectors aquatic activities. Rather than being limited by the surrounding environment I went underground and made a roofscape which explores the concept of scale, by means of experiance. Passengers on a flight from a nearby airport view and experience the dwelling differently from those on the bridge overlooking the site. The pedestrians on the site use the building rather differently depending on their location to the building epicenter.

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Status: School Project
Location: Alexandria, VA, US