Feroze Shahpurwala

Feroze Shahpurwala

Ann Arbor, MI, US



Project Objective: To design a spaceport to be placed  at a site near Kiruna airport in Sweden. Due to new technology in space travel, Virgin galactic is a company that is beginning to commercially take tourists to outer space and back. A spaceport  is a type of building analogous to an airport.  Guests must undergo 4-5 days of training before boarding the space plane. The time spent in outer space is about 2-3 hours and then guests return back to earth later the same day. The spaceport is to serve the function of housing the space plane, hotel for training guests, training areas, business areas, and a restaurant.


Out of all the building design projects completed during architecture school, this building is my favorite and most extensive design. Following a design path that has evolved over the previous semesters leading to skylights that penetrate throughout the entire buildings, contrasting, open and connected spaces that make the public areas of the building easy to navigate, beautiful and interesting. Here I develop the core of my architectural designs through experimental model making, inspiring ideas that lead to the logic of the buildings user interface.

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Status: School Project
Location: Kiruna, Sweden