Feroze Shahpurwala

Feroze Shahpurwala

Ann Arbor, MI, US


Rockite Model

Project Objective: To create a rockite model following concepts discovered during the previous paper model project, assigned in design studio 1. Rockite is a fast setting, hydraulic type cement compound.

The rockite model was to be formed by pouring liquid cement into basswood formwork and then allowing the cement to dry into a solid. The negative space of the formwork is the form of the final rockite model. The design of my model is rather spontaneous as the formwork was built with no prior planning. I constructed the formwork reacting on particular design decisions I had made one step prior. The design evolved as the formwork was being constructed.

The result was exciting, and along with the previous project, started to open my eyes to benefits of experimentation through model making. Feeling free to experiment with physical models allowed me to discover forms I would not normally think of. My favorite part of the design is how the model sits on the table. It gives the illusion of an unbalanced footing while the model sits stable at 3 opposing points.

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Status: School Project